Small Group Meet-Ups

Women's Bible Study 
Group 1 meets on Tuesday nights @6pm
Group 2 meets on Wednesday nights @6pm 

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No-Name Knitters Meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesday nights @church at 6:30pm

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Men's Bible Study 
Meets Saturday mornings @church at 7:00am
Wednesday Morning Bible Study 
Meets @Isabel's Restaurant in Woodstock, Wednesday mornings at 6:30am

Capital Planning Team
Mark Bundick 337-9068

Food Pantry
Joyce Maynard 338-7265

John Moorhouse 236-7408

Building and Grounds
Church Office 338-2627

Finance Commission
Bob Clark 527-5109

Mission Commission
Ray Thuma 338-9780

Nominating Committee
Jim Wormley 338-0407

Personnel Commission
Candee McMahon 337-9849

Worship Commission
Tiffany Sobczak 790-9360
Chris Nejdl 337-1070

Music Ministries
Melinda Davis 455-3570

Women’s Book Study
Jan Kennedy 815-578-0082

Men’s Group/Bible Study
Dave Davis 236-2815

Wednesday Early Bible Study
Velma Downes 338-2309

Youth Groups
Taylor Radtke

T.L.C. (Tender Loving Care) Group
Shari Olesen 338-0237

Marla Norgard 482-4855

No-Name Knitters
Kay Darby 338-5002

Pat Morozink 338-7769

Adult Spiritual Growth Groups
Chris Nejdl 337-1070